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You just need a website so the world can find you, so people realize that you are serious about what you do, and so you can be found by people using the internet. Keep things simple. Publish an attractive website, tied to a couple of business social media pages, and your customers can find you easily. 2019
Our client was looking to launch a dog daycare and sitting business. She needed a website, social and branding components, including a logo and advertising. 2019

Our owner needed a website and re-brand, including logo, business cards and a Facebook page to market their Hawaiian condo.

Our client needed a logo, social media page and website to help rent their vacation home in Panama. 2018


The client needed a simple 2 page website that helped brand her as a quality housekeeper. We designed her a logo and website that got her business fully booked with brand new clients within 3 weeks.

The partners had a great idea, a branding concept that would allow them to join forces and provide a new level of service in their home town. 

We provided the branding, website, social media, business cards and marketing materials, all within 2 weeks. 10 days later they had booked over $15,000 worth of quotes. 2015
It started with a client who has a successful cleaning company.
However, she was not incorporated so we gave her her it all, in a cost effective way, including SEO (search engine optimization) and a blog that got her website google found on the internet within days.
She has since stopped taking new clients so the site is not tied to a domain. 2017

The client had a successful gift store but no active website or social media. We provided a fresh website with a .com address, and an active social media presence. 2014


Our client wanted to launch his new renovation company in his home town. With a great sense of humour he wanted to brand himself as the local renovation super-hero. 


We incorporated his company for him, designed the logo, branded his new company, helped wrap his work van in decals and did all the social media. We also worked with him on the local advertising campaign. He was booked solid by the second week his company was in business and is still booked months ahead of time 5 years later.


www.bizzieb' 2013


A successful local cleaning company, our client just wanted to clean up her brand and establish a better online presence. We cleaned up her logo for her and did a website and social media. 


That bee is seen all over town, and our client has a 5 star rating on her social media Facebook page. With over 200 likes, she has a real local presence. We manage her social media for her because she is a BIZZY business person!